To sign up for the Atlantic Archipelagos Research Consortium / Archipelago event at Somerville College, Oxford, on Saturday 14 November 2015 please follow the link here:


You can book for either the day’s events or the evening’s performances or both.

We very much look . . . → Read More: UNENCOMPASSING

Devolved Voices

Interview: Andrew McNeillie Andrew McNeillie was born in North Wales and read English at Magdalen College, Oxford. An editor and publisher, including a stint as literature editor at Oxford University Press, he has also held a… Read more…

Listen to Andrew McNeillie interviewed as . . . → Read More: Devolved Voices

No Passage to Landward

In large capitals on the lighthouse But caught too late for us to change course. We sail towards catastrophe. Our epitaph-in-waiting: lost at sea. Sure of this in all the world: The sea alone will keep its word.

. . . → Read More: No Passage to Landward

Night & Day

A hardy reader of the magazine scuba diving off Slyne Head in the cold March seas has just tweeted the two images reproduced here, top and bottom. We are pleased to re-tweet and hope you will all follow suit. A free . . . → Read More: Night & Day

The Eighth Sea

Hilary Chandler

I keep his compass on my desk That it might steer me home. A gift his widow gave me with His hand-drawn charts of wrecks. Hotspots to fish; and a mackerel line On a bleached wooden frame With . . . → Read More: The Eighth Sea

Hope and Anchor


We’ve been holed up proofing Issue 9 at our favourite hideaway quay in the wild west. The place is otherwise more or less unused other than by seabirds, hoodie crows, and the occasional lobster looking for a telephone. Unused, that is, except for . . . → Read More: Hope and Anchor

From the Wheelhouse


Who goes to sea knows heart’s care. Groves blossom burghs grow fair meadows beautiful. World quickens. All things urge spirit to embark fare far by flood-ways though melancholy call of summer’s lord the cuckoo bode . . . → Read More: ‘From the Wheelhouse . . .’

SOS MV Naomh Éanna

from breakers’ yard to breaker’s yard . . .?

Image: Andrew McNeillie, mv Naomh Éanna in the breakers’ yard


To all who knew the Aran Islands before the Celtic Tiger came and went, leaving such havoc in its wake, . . . → Read More: SOS: MV Naomh Éanna

Agog to go to Gometra


My great interest and excitement as this year opens up is to travel to Gometra, an island in the Staffa archipelago, just off Ulva, to the west of Mull. Owned and farmed by Roc Sandford it is one of . . . → Read More: Agog to go to Gometra

Clutag Press 10th Birthday Speakers on YouTube

Norman Ackroyd


Katherine Rundell