About Clutag Press

"Corncrake" Spring slips him in through a gap In a stone wall, a secret agent Bargaining with the underworld Against sleep, a bomb With a slow time-fuse, an old man Winding all our clocks on, and back.
Corncrake, Sycamore Press Postcard

The Clutag Press was established in 2000 as a venture by Andrew McNeillie to issue Clutag Poetry Leaflets, by established and emerging poets, handset, and printed on an Arab press that dates from the Victorian era. Then with backing from The Christopher Tower Fund (in association with Christ Church, Oxford) Clutag took a new step to begin a more ambitious, if still modest, publication programme.

As may be seen elsewhere in the website, the range of subsequent publications has included work by John Fuller, Seamus Heaney, Geoffrey Hill (including a CD of Hill reading from across his oeuvre, at an event in Oxford), the late Mick Imlah, Alan Jenkins, Andrew Motion, Tom Paulin, Anne Stevenson. There have been book publications – a memoir and a biography – and the new magazine ARCHIPELAGO.

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PLEASE NOTE: The press regrets that it cannot undertake to consider unsolicited scripts or collections and will neither acknowledge nor return any it receives.

The image of the Corncrake (Crex crex) in the Clutag logo (© Gail McNeillie and Julian Bell, 2004) derives from a drawing by Julian Bell on a Sycamore Press postcard poem ‘Corncrake’, 1971.

Clutag Press, PO Box 154, Thame, OX9 3RQ