Alan Jenkins

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  • No. 2 Five Poems by Alan Jenkins


    ‘Beckett’s Wharf’
    ‘Last Appointment’
    ‘Player’s Navy’
    ‘G. & A. Bowden’
    ‘Upper Mall’

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  • Archipelago Issue 6


    Winter 2011

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  • Revenants – Alan Jenkins


    The revenants in this, Alan Jenkins’s sixth collection, come out of childhood and the recent past, out of the long shadow of war and its legacy of silence, out of Old English and contemporary England, in a gathering of unforgettably poignant poems. Speaking of lives lived quietly in the suburbs of London or ended among the savagery of Homs, they bring powerful intimations of mortality, messages and memories from lost worlds and times, in a range of exacting forms and skilfully managed registers.

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  • The Lost World – Alan Jenkins


    ‘No human ingenuity could suggest a means of bridging the chasm which yawned between ourselves and our past lives. One instant had altered the whole conditions of our existence….’ (Arthur Conan Doyle, The Lost World). Looked back on from middle age, childhood and the adults who peopled it seem as fabulous as the dinosaurs of Conan Doyle’s famous tale. For the parents of anyone born, like Alan Jenkins, in England in the 1950s, the ‘one instant’ that had ‘altered the whole conditions of their existence’ was still in the recent past: a terrifyingly destructive war that was in turn taking on, to a new generation, the shape of myth or fable…

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Showing all 4 results