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  • A Week in Bern by John Fuller


    Fourteen snapshot-sonnets by John Fuller taken during a week in the Swiss capital. Here are surprise encounters with: Paul Klee, Antony Gormley, Sorley MacLean, Brahms and others.

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  • Sketches from the Sierra de Tejeda – John Fuller


    The sonnet can be an elevated and metaphysical form, as in the sequences of the Elizabethans, but it can also record the minutiae of life, as the Romantic poets discovered. John Fuller’s new sequence combines something of these two traditions: it tracks a deep seasonal awareness of existence in time and place, but is also simply an annotation of observations of natural life, —the fruit, trees, insects, mountains, and wine of Andalusia. The sonnets are like cautious pencil sketches for some larger but postponed statement.


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  • The Solitary Life – John Fuller


    A modern master of the sonnet form meditates on life and love, art and death, in a sequence of thirty-five sonnets, full of sombre depths and light discovering ‘The welcome shape of things as what they are’, inspired by the life at Vaucluse of Francesco Petrarch, in the seven-hundredth anniversary year of the great Italian poet’s birth.


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Showing all 3 results