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  • Iain Niall: Part of his Life – Andrew McNeillie


    Ian Niall was the pen name of John McNeillie (1916-2002). Between them they wrote more than forty books, over a period of as many years, from 1939 when at twenty-two John McNeillie published Wigtown Ploughman: Part of His Life, with Putnam of London and New York, a Scottish classic, a book that raised a national controversy, leading to housing reform. A new paperback edition, edited and introduced by Andrew McNeillie, is due from the Edinburgh publisher Birlinn in Autumn 2012.

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  • Arkwork with Artwork – Andrew McNeillie and Julian Bell


    ‘Arkwork’, a series of eleven sonnets by Andrew McNeillie, finds in the loss of the Stranraer-Larne ferry in January 1953, in which 133 passengers and crew drowned, a focus for a reflection on the literary history of shipwreck, death, and survival. The poems are superbly illustrated in dramatic drawings by the artist Julian Bell

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Showing 11–12 of 12 results