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Geoffrey Hill – ORACLAU | ORACLES (Clutag Press, 2010)

Clutag Press is pleased to announce the forthcoming publication in October 2010 of a new book of poems by the Oxford Professor of Poetry: ORACLAU | ORACLES.

Since the publication of A Treatise of Civil Power in 2007, Geoffrey Hill has completed five new collections. Under the general title The Daybooks, they include Al Tempo de’ Tremuoti, Odi Barbare, Oraclau |Oracles, and Clavics.

Clutag Press plans to issue Daybooks II: Odi Barbare in 2011. The five volumes constitute the final section of Hill’s Collected Poems 1952-2012, scheduled for publication by Oxford University Press in 2013.


Clutag Press is accepting pre-orders for this publication. Orders placed prior to the publication date will be despatched on a first come, first served basis as soon as copies are available.

Pre-publication offer:


£15.00 (including p&p UK and Ireland)

£20.00 (including p&p USA, Canada, R.o.W.)

56pp 13.5mm x 21.5mm

ISBN 978-0-9553476-9-6

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