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No Passage to Landward

In large capitals on the lighthouse
But caught too late for us to change course.
We sail towards catastrophe.
Our epitaph-in-waiting: lost at sea.
Sure of this in all the world:
The sea alone will keep its word.


If ever there was a timely moment to reflect on there being NO PASSAGE TO LANDWARD this is it. The lighthouse concerned stands off Penmon Point on Anglesey, beyond it Puffin Island.

We’re delighted to say that Archipelago 10 is on course and might even put into harbour ahead of time. Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, Julian Bell, Mark Cocker, Kevin Crossley-Holland, Tim Dee, John Fanshawe, John Greening, John Jones, Angela Leighton, Stephen Pax Leonard, James Macdonald Lockhart, Robert Macfarlane, Bernard O’Donoghue, Angharad Price, Tim Robinson, Padraig Rooney, Mark Roper, Mary Wellesley.

It’s a special landmark issue. We’ll publish in November as usual and launch in Oxford on Saturday 14 November at Somerville College in association with the Atlantic Archipelagos Research Consortium. Details of the AARC colloquium will be posted in due course. There will be talks and papers during the day, and performances and readings in the evening. Sign up for both. Tim Robinson will introduce a showing of Robert Flaherty’s classic ‘Man of Aran’, the movie that inspired him to make his Aran pilgrimage.



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6th July 2015