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The answer to Yeats’s question is ‘nothing’ emanating from the Clutag Press. After a period of reasonable success in mailing into the Republic of Ireland in the post-Brexit disaster era, we have started to have a high proportion of ‘sales’ bounce back inexplicably from Irish Customs. This despite our providing the correct Customs Form correctly completed, or as correctly as served us well until recently. Other EU countries in which we have customers (France, Germany, Denmark) process our packages, on the same information, without issue. But recently the Republic
has seemed to adopt another agenda.

We have always hugely valued our Irish customers in the Republic (and charged them the same for P&P as customers on the island of Britain) and passionately valued Ireland as an exemplary, literary culture. But we can’t sustain anymore the game, or war, of ping-pong Irish Customs have recently re-introduced to proceedings, and so alas we can’t continue to offer our publications to customers in the Irish Republic.

At significant cost, having already borne the cost of postage, we will arrange to reimburse those customers whose orders have been returned to us. If you have been affected we ask you to be patient with us. We’ll be emailing those whose packages have been returned to us, in the coming days, to arrange repayment. We can’t reimburse those still waiting in limbo whose packages have not been returned to us as it remains possible that they will be eventually processed properly.

We apologise to all concerned. The image here is of a package intended for the National Library of Ireland, an order for Archipelago 2:2. This is an invoiced item and so there is no repayment to make, only the postage of £11.70 to bear for a
publication we sell at not much more than that.