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ARCHIPELAGO is a literary magazine in the ordinary sense, in that it contains writings in non-fictional prose, and verse. It also places great emphasis on monochrome illustration. Extraordinary are its preoccupations with landscape, with documentary and remembrance, with wilderness and wet, with natural and cultural histories, with language and languages, with the littoral and vestigial, the geological, and topographical, with climates, in terms of both meteorology, ecology and environment; and all these things as metaphor, liminal and subliminal, at the margins, in the unnameable constellation of islands on the Eastern Atlantic coast, known variously in other millennia as Britain, Great Britain, Britain and Ireland etc; even, too, too readily, the United Kingdom, though no such thing ever quite existed, other than in extremis during wartime, but in the letter. But while the unnameable archipelago is its subject, its vision is by implication global. It follows certain cultural trajectories to other shores. Its concerns with the state of the planet could not be more of the hour.

ARCHIPELAGO is an occasional magazine and is not subject to fixed publication dates. As a result,  Clutag Press can’t sensibly provide a subscription process. However,  news and publication announcements relating to future issues will be sent via the mailing list so that our subscribers are the first to know and will not miss out. Click here to sign up!

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Archipelago: Issue Eleven Winter 2016 

Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, John Brannigan, Robert Crawford, Douglas Dunn, James Macdonald Lockhart, Michael Longley, Sarah Longley, Pàdraig MacAoidh, Andrew McNeillie, Angus Martin, Richard Murphy, Nicholas Pierpan, Christopher Reid, Jos Smith, Peter Stothard





Arch-10-Cover-thumbnailArchipelago: Issue Ten Winter 2015 

Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, Mark Cocker, Tim Dee, John Fanshawe, James Macdonald Lockhart, Robert Macfarlane, Bernard O’Donoghue, Angharad Price, Tim Robinson, Padraig Rooney, Mary Wellesley, David Wheatley




Archiepalgo-9-cover-for-website-Scan0012Archipelago: Issue Nine 
Winter 2014 

Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, Jack Clemo, Tim Dee, Jen Hadfield, Kerry Hardie, Ian Harrow, Kathleen Jamie, Gwyneth Lewis, Michael Longley, Peter McDonald, Sara Maitland, Philip Marsden, Alexander Moffat, Alan Riach, Tim Robinson, Penelope Shuttle, Heather Spears, Fiona Stafford, Luke Thompson, Rory Waterman






Archipelago: Issue Eight  Winter 2013 

Includes contributions from: Norman Ackroyd, Mark Cocker, Alan Counihan, Tim Dee, Peter Davidson, Douglas Dunn, Rody Gorman, Kirsty Gunn, Geoffrey Hill,  Sinéad Morrissey, Alan Riach, David Wheatley






Archipelago: Issue Seven  Winter 2012 

Contributors: Moya Cannon, Nichola Deane, Tim Dee, John Elder, Rody Gorman, Seamus Heaney, Roger Hutchinson, Angela Leighton, James Macdonald Lockhart, Michael Longley, Johnnie Marsh, Angus Martin, Gail McNeillie, W. S. Milne, Alexander Moffat, Les Murray, John Piper, Robin Robertson, Tim Robinson, Katherine Rundell, Julie Scrase, Philip Watson



Archipelago: Issue Six  Winter 2011 

Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, John Elder (on Tim Robinson), Geoffrey Hill (four new poems), Alan Jenkins, James Macdonald Lockhart, Pàdraig Macaoidh, Norman MacCaig, Robert Macfarlane, Gail McNeillie, Alexander Moffat,  Andrew Motion, Bernard O’Donoghue,  Alice Oswald, Alan Riach, Mark Roper, Katherine Rundell





Archipelago: Issue Five  Spring 2011 

Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, Meg Bateman, Rachael Boast, Nichola Deane, Tim Dee, Douglas Dunn, Seton Gordon, John Greening, Caspar Henderson, John Kerrigan, James Macdonald Lockhart, Michael Longley, Robert Macfarlane, Gail McNeillie, Les Murray





Archipelago: Issue Four  Winter 2009 

Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, Ronald Blythe, John Burnside, Douglas Dunn, Robin Gillanders, Richard Hines, Mick Imlah, James Macdonald Lockhart, Robert Macfarlane, Peter Mackay, Andrew McNeillie, Katherine Rundell, David Sergeant, Jessie Sheeler





Archipelago: Issue Three  Spring 2009 

Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, Tim Dee, Niamh Clancy, Ivor Gurney, Richard Harms, Chris Jones, Andrew Kahn, Philip Lancaster, Michael Longley, Osip Mandelshtam, Peter McDonald, Robert Macfarlane, Andrew McNeillie, Gail McNeillie, John Montague, Les Murray, David Nash, Bernard O’Donoghue, Heather O’Donoghue, Patrick Parrinder, George Pickow





Archipelago: Issue Two  Spring 2008 

Contributors: Norman Ackroyd, Julian Bell, George Chamier, Tim Dee, Greg Delanty, Douglas Dunn, Terry Eagleton, Seamus Heaney, Mick Imlah, Angela Leighton, Angus Macmillan, Andrew McNeillie, Gail McNeillie, Alexander Moffat, Bernard O’Donoghue, Sheila Pehrson, Jem Poster, Alan Riach, Fiona Stafford, David Wheatley





Archipelago: Issue One  Summer 2007

Contributors: Paul Abbott, Norman Ackroyd, John Beatty, Julian Bell, Roger Deakin, Greg Delanty, Seamus Heaney, Mick Imlah, Nicolas Jacobs, Andrew Kahn, Michael Longley, Robert Macfarlane, Andrew McNeillie, Gail McNeillie, Derek Mahon, David Nash, Bernard O’Donoghue, Angharad Price, Mark Williams


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