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Paul Abbott – FLOOD (Clutag Press, 2008)

Announcing the forthcoming publication of FLOOD by Paul Abbott with illustrations by Gail McNeillie, available February 2008 Limited edition of 100 copies. 22pp 170mm x 240mm  ISBN 0-9553476-2-9 Paul Abbott’s poem FLOOD is a ‘Waste Land’ for the twenty-first century, a timely and daring debut in the disaster genre, by a twenty-one-year-old in his final year at Oxford. Those who have read the first issue of Clutag’s magazine ARCHIPELAGO will have enjoyed a snapshot of the poem in its pages. Now it is offered complete in ten sections, illustrated with eight superbly grainy drawings by Gail McNeillie. The vision here – ‘an Epic Newsflash’ – is one of post-apocalyptic catastrophe ‘couched,’ we’re told in a prefatory note ‘somewhat in the film-cutting…

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