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Tom Paulin – The Camouflage School (Clutag Press, 2007)

Announcing the forthcoming publication of The Camouflage School by Tom Paulin, available Spring/Summer 2007 Limited edition of 250 copies. 36pp 170mm x 240mm  ISBN 0-9553476-0-2 The five poems in this important collection – ‘Sidney Philip’ (a poem about Philip Larkin, his father and the war), ‘Battle of the Atlantic’, ‘My Name is Edward Wadsworth’, ‘Convoy to Archangel’, ‘Noor Inayat Khan (S.O.E. Dachau)’ – are all published here for the first time. They show Tom Paulin writing as movingly, passionately, and inventively as ever he has written before. Part of his continuing ‘loose-leaf’ epic of the Second World War, begun in 2002 with The Invasion Handbook, these poems bear unflinching, compassionate witness to the tragedy of war, and in particular the special…

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