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The Arc of Our Covenant

We’re pleased to list the Contents of Archipelago 2:3, currently typesetting, for publication as early in 2024 as can be managed. If you’ve not placed an order already, do please consider doing so. It helps us gauge the print-run while guaranteeing that you don’t miss out, as too many people did with 2:2, for which we are looking into the possibility of short run reprint, after we’ve paid the bills for 2:3.

With best regards.

Frontispiece: Lyn Youngson – In Memory of a Gannetry
Alan Riach – The Arc of Our Covenant
Nicholas Allen – Hy-Brasil
Moya Cannon – The News from Tramore
Michael Longley – Six Poems (‘Sarah’s Goldcrest’, ‘The Otter’s Funeral’, ‘Coracle’, ‘Whoopers’, ‘Jonquils’, ‘Blackcap’)
Edna Longley – The Beauty of Michael Viney
Judy O’Kane – The Catch
Heather O’Donoghue – Gerðisbraut 10
Tim Ecott – Jarðarferðin
Robert Minhinnick – The Book of the Tides
Howell Harris – Saving Private Gannett
Claire Connolly – Swift’s Bare Platform
Ben Keatinge – Mannanan’s Cloak
Tony Crowley – Liverpool’s Language
Jamie McKendrick – The Ferry
John Bryant – Melville: His Liverpool
Ian Grosz – Traces
Michael Longley – The Strangford Stone
Gerald Dawe – Across the Water
David Wheatley – Jean Follain’s Belfast

Nick Groom, Andrew Hadfield, Fiona Stafford

Angela Leighton – At Grime’s Graves, Norfolk
Alex Boyd – East of Antares
John Purser – Caoinneadh – Keening
Kirsty Gunn – Ben Dorain: In the Shadow of a Mountain II
Angus Macmillan – Buried Words
James Macdonald Lockhart – Moss Fool
Garry MacKenzie – Drift-netting in the Treath
George Chamier – Missing Salmon
Angus Macmillan – No Going Back
Julie Brook – The Arch